We hold auditions every fall and winter semester! We are always looking for new talent and fresh faces to join us

Auditions Fall 2020

WHO: Auditions are open to any undergraduate student at U of M, and we are looking for tenors, basses, and baritone parts. We are also looking for beatboxers! 



SIGN-UP: Online sign-ups will be posted on Facebook and here on our website!

​Questions? Check out our FAQ for all the details of what to expect at auditions and callbacks! If you have more questions, email us at heartbeatacappella@umich.edu!

What to Expect at Your Audition


We will ask you to sing multiple ascending and descending scales a cappella on a syllable of your choice. This is to test your vocal range! 

Tonal Memory

We will play a series of notes and ask you to sing them back to us. We will play each pattern up to three times and then have you sing them on your own, a cappella.

Chord Searching

After we play the first and fifth of a chord, we will ask you to sing back the major third. 

Sight Reading

 We will give you a short piece of sheet music. After giving you the starting note and a minute to practice, you will be asked to sing it back to us on any syllable. Don't worry, just do your best! 


This is your moment to shine! Choose any song, any style, and prepare about 30-60 seconds of it (usually a verse and chorus). Choose a song that shows off your voice, range, skill, and personality!

Survey and Photo

We will ask you to fill out a brief information sheet and take your photo. We only use your photo in order to match a face to the name when we review all of our auditions (it will be deleted as soon as auditions are over!) 


What if I can't read music or don't have experience singing?

No worries! We have accepted members in the past with little to no past musical experience. The most important thing is that your voice meshes well with the group and that you can pick up melodies quickly. We will take the time to help you learn music once accepted!

How often are rehearsals?

We rehearse twice a week for a total of 5 hours as a group, and once a week for 1 hour in your section. Each semester we discuss as a group the best time to hold rehearsals, so don't worry if you have late classes or exams!

Is Heartbeat a competitive A Cappella group?

Heartbeat is not competitive! Instead, we focus on jamming out together and having a great time singing for a great cause. 

How long does the audition last?

Auditions last roughly 5-10 minutes. You can find out more about our audition process in the "Audition Format" page!

I can beatbox, but I'm not such a great singer. Should I still audition?

Absolutely! We audition for beatboxers as well as singers, and are always looking for new talent!

What type of music does Heartbeat sing?

Anything! In the past, we've performed songs like Pusher Love Girl, Back Pocket, Sunday Candy, Sweater Weather, Titanium, and more! We pick music that our group is interested in, so our repertoire changes as the group changes!