Heartbeat Vocal Outreach is made up of University of Michigan undergraduate students in all years and from many different majors! 


Janelle Mallak

Janelle is a Senior at the University of Michigan, double majoring in Women's Studies and English. Outside of rehearsal, catch Janelle trying to perfect her brownie recipe or spending too much time in Trader Joe's. She also loves fashion and can be caught singing around her apartment at all times of the day. She joined Heartbeat because she wanted an outlet to make music with other people and because it was an excellent way to schedule singing into her busy college days. She also loves giving back to the community in a meaningful way through singing with Heartbeat at the U of M Hospital, SAPAC events, and other fantastic gigs around campus! Additionally, on-campus, she is a member the Jam Club!

Mallory Grugin

Mallory is a Junior at the University of Michigan, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Music and Performing Arts Management. Besides singing with her Heartbeat friends, Mallory enjoys playing viola in the campus Symphony orchestra, singing in the University Choir, acting in MUSKET productions, playing recreational tennis, and tutoring the children at Mott Children's Hospital in her free time. Post-undergrad, she plans to serve in the Peace Corps and eventually attend law school. Mallory would like to thank the members of Heartbeat for welcoming her into the group and giving her many fun rehearsals and events to look forward to!

Priyal Bajaj

Priyal is a Freshman in The College of the Literature Science and the Arts at the University of Michigan. She is currently thinking of studying either Computer Science or BCN. In her free time, she likes to sing, binge watch Netflix, and play with her dog. She joined Heartbeat to explore her passion for music, and because she believes in its philanthropic mission.

Liza Harold

Liza is a Freshman at the University of Michigan majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology. She has always loved to sing and she can't wait to share her love of music by giving back to the community! In her free time, Liza enjoys running, playing soccer and reading. She is the PR Manager of Heartbeat A Cappella. 


Charlotte Beggs

Charlotte is currently a Junior with a major in Film, Television, and Media Studies, and a minor in Performing Arts Management, with the intention to one day be a television producer. She enjoys making caramel macchiatos, watching Dr. Phil, binging compilation videos on youtube, and of course, anything remotely related to film. In her limited spare time, catch Charlotte jamming to the Legally Blonde soundtrack or refilling the sriracha sauce bottle in her backpack. Charlotte joined Heartbeat because she loves giving back to the community through music.  

Trisha Gupte

Trisha is a Senior majoring in Public Health and minoring in biochemistry. She hopes to attend medical school after her undergraduate education. In her free time, she enjoys running, yoga, and volunteering with local organizations. Her aspirations include traveling the world and sampling as many Starbucks specialty drinks as her Dining Dollars will allow. She joined Heartbeat because of her passion for music, and she is excited to use this passion to give back!

Vidhya Premkumar

Vidhya is a Sophomore double majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience & Spanish and hopes to attend medical school after her undergraduate education. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching Harry Potter, and snacking on Hot Cheetos or hummus (not together though). Vidhya joined Heartbeat because of her love for music and its unique philanthropic mission.

Tiffany Guo

Tiffany is a Freshman studying Business Administration. She loves to travel and go on long drives across Michigan with the love of her life: her Volt. Her dream is to take a Great American road trip and visit as many countries as possible. Her passions include drawing, watching trashy TV shows, and trying new restaurants. She joined Heartbeat because she wanted to provide an outlet for her musical passion and because she believes in its philanthropic mission. She is the Vice President of Heartbeat A Cappella. 

Dana Levy

Dana is a Freshman in The College of Literature, Sciences, and the Arts. While she is still unsure of what she is going to study, she's interested in psychology and literature. Dana enjoys volunteering, writing, and can frequently be found at dogs on the diag. With a huge passion for philanthropy, Dana was drawn to Heartbeat's commitment to giving back. As this is the first musical group she's been in, it's an understatement to say that she is super pumped to be a part of Heartbeat! 


Malachi Graybill

Malachi Graybill is a sophomore in the College of Engineering, majoring in Computer Science. Although Malachi loves almost all music, he holds a special place in his heart for anything by Ed Sheeran. He joined Heartbeat because he loves the concept of singing (doing something he loves!) for philanthropy. He loves helping people whenever he can! When not singing or doing schoolwork, you can likely find him playing cards or board games with friends. He is very excited to spend another year with the Heartbeat community! He is the Concert Manager of Heartbeat A Cappella.

Cody Quiroz

Cody is a freshman majoring in Earth and Environmental Science. He has always loved to sing and do philanthropic work, so Heartbeat was a perfect fit. In his free time, you can find Cody doing Zumba, listening to Megan thee Stallion, or watching Burlesque for the 50th time. He is very excited to be a part of this amazing group and looks forward to the remainder of the year! 

Baritones & Basses


Ben Westphal

Ben is a Junior studying Business Administration in Ross with a minor in English. When not studying, he enjoys making movies and reading the same fantasy novels over and over again. Ben believes in Heartbeat because of the positive impact and tight-knit community that the club continues to create. He is the President of Heartbeat A Cappella.

Edward Thomson

Edward is a Junior at the University of Michigan. When he isn't at one of his many club meetings or cramming the night before his exam, you can find him at a movie theater, concert, or playing games with friends. Edward joined Heartbeat to explore a new area of music, make new friends, and continue his involvement in service and philanthropy. He is the Music Director for Heartbeat A Cappella.

Sohan Jadhav

Sohan is a sophomore planning to major in BCN and one day attend medical school. He has been known to find his way into odd situations, having had 2 bikes stolen as a freshman and once breaking his wrist playing two-hand touch football. In his free time, he enjoys listening to random playlists on Spotify, watching new movies, and volunteering around campus. Sohan joined heartbeat to contribute to worthwhile causes and do something music-related for fun.

Jonathan Wong

Jonathan is a sophomore majoring in Biomolecular Sciences. He hopes to attend law or medical school directly after undergrad. In his free time he loves watching sports- anything Michigan and especially soccer and MMA. He's super excited to be part of Heartbeat and enjoys the opportunity to give back to the community and continue to practice singing. 


Luke Cook

Luke is a Junior at U of M, majoring in computer science and potentially design & production. Luke has a passion for theater and loves working on stage as an actor/singer, and off stage as a technician. In his free time, you could probably find Luke playing video games with his hall-mates. Luke loves being a member of Heartbeat because it gives him a chance to perform fantastic music with many wonderful people! 

Yunsoo Kim

Yunsoo is a Junior in the School of Engineering, majoring in Computer Science. He loves to watch musicals, and his go-to music genre changes every few months, with the current being electro swing. He is quite clumsy, which is apparent from the number of times he bangs into corners per week (yet he also finds this strangely funny). After years of playing clarinet in the marching band, he decided to try something new for college. With no other singing experience than singing in the showers, he screamed for minutes when he found out that he was a part of Heartbeat. He also teaches an EECS lecture here at U of M!

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